October 24, 2016.
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Conference Description

The conference programme is now available, please click on the link at the bottom of the page.
There is also information about our plenary speakers in the Plenary Lectures section, additionally the abstracts of the plenary lectures and presentations for the conference have been posted in the Conference Abstracts section.

Conference Organisers

II Circular
International Conference

The College of Foreign Languages in Czestochowa, Department of English, Faculty of Linguistics, is pleased to announce the organisation of an international conference

                             Syntax in Cognitive Grammar
                                       Czestochowa, Poland
                                             April 9-11, 2010

Most older students of linguistics remember that cognitive grammar, as it emerged in the 1980s from the work of R. Langacker, G. Lakoff, L. Talmy, C. Fillmore and others, was at first concerned with such issues as the cognitive/conceptual foundations of linguistic categories and semantics, cognitive models and frames, prototype theory applied to linguistic categorization and metaphor. With the focus on meaning, relatively little attention was paid to the formal aspects of language, especially syntax. Increasingly more studies of traditional syntactic phenomena appeared in the nineties, particularly after the publication of R. Langacker's second volume of Foundations of Cognitive Grammar . Soon this new "cognitive syntax" took a slightly different turn and gained a new momentum after A. Goldberg published her Berkeley dissertation and C. Fillmore, in cooperation with P. Kay, started to work out the principles and formalism of construction grammar. As a result, Langackerian cognitive grammar and various versions of construction grammar now offer sophisticated theories of grammatical structure, which make it possible to describe a growing number of traditional as well as new aspects of the formal structure of language, viewed as a symbolic unity of form and meaning. We hope that the conference will provide a suitable forum in which researchers of different cognitive and functional persuasions can present their ideas and proposals concerning syntactic theory within the broad cognitive paradigm as well as studies of particular grammatical problems within the cognitive and functional frameworks.

Languages of the conference: English and Polish

Conference venue: The College of Foreign Languages, ul. Kopernika 17/19/21.

Czestochowa is a city in southern Poland with approximately 250,000 inhabitants. This city is famous for the Pauline monastery of Jasna Góra which houses the Black Madonna painting. Czestochowa is visited by 4-5 million tourists and pilgrims every year from all over the world, who mainly come to visit this fourteenth century shrine to the Virgin Mary.
The city is not only a religious centre but also for a place active recreation as it is part of the Cracow-Czestochowa Uplands where one can climb, explore caves, cycle or just walk and admire the Jurassic limestone formations or medieval castle ruins for example in Olsztyn just 25 km from Czestochowa.

The conference is arranged under the auspices of the PTJC -the Polish Cognitive Linguistics Association

Scientific committee:
Professor Bogusław Bierwiaczonek
dr Anna Turula a.turula@wsl.edu.pl

Organising committee:
Professor Bogusław Bierwiaczonek
dr Anna Turula a.turula@wsl.edu.pl.pl
dr Aleksandra Kalaga olakalaga@wp.pl
mgr Christine Frank-Szarecka frank@wsl.edu.pl

Plenary lectures:
Miriam Fried - two plenary lectures in the principles of construction grammar Constructional Syntax
Jaakko Leino - Cognitive syntax and spoken language
Henryk Kardela - Where is Syntax in Cognitive Grammar?
Bogusław Bierwiaczonek - Metonymy in syntax

The main areas of interest for the conference are:

Participants are responsible for booking and paying for their own accommodation for the duration of the conference. Information about available lodging can found in the Accommodation section on the conference website.

Fee payment information:
Wyższa Szkoła Lingwistyczna
ul. Kopernika 17/19/21
42-200 Czestochowa
IBAN: PL98105011421000002272224219
Adnote: SYNCOG

Our postal address:
Wyższa Szkoła Lingwistyczna
ul. Kopernika 17/19/21
42-200 Czestochowa

We look forward to seeing you in Czestochowa

Conference Organisers